Priam Properties

is a private real estate investment firm

that focuses on multi-tenant office properties across high-growth markets in the United States.

Current Urban Nodes

Currently, Priam owns 31 multi-tenant office buildings representing approximately 2,000,000 square feet within select urban nodes in seven markets located in the Midwest and Southeast United States: Raleigh, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Memphis, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; and Birmingham, Alabama.

Midwest & Southeast Markets

2 Million Square Feet

Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

About Us

We developed our urban node investment strategy, which our management team has been executing since 2014, to address shifting demographic trends affecting office properties with a particular focus on Millennials. Millennials are increasingly relocating away from major markets in search of living and working environments that provide access to the modern urban amenities that major markets offer while also providing a high quality of life and lower cost of living. Multi-tenant office properties in high-growth urban nodes represent the most compelling risk-adjusted opportunity to benefit from the changing priorities and preferences of the Millennial workforce and the employers who seek to recruit and retain them.

Urban nodes combine many of the desirable attributes of urban submarkets, such as connectivity to cultural and entertainment amenities and desirable employment opportunities, and those of suburban submarkets, such as shorter commutes, lower cost of living and more housing options. Urban nodes can exist in a variety of submarket types, including CBDs, urban infill zones and amenity-rich suburban environments. When identifying urban nodes within target markets and submarkets, we seek to maintain a disciplined focus on validating the characteristics of an urban node within a target market that meets our investment criteria, rather than on specific classifications of submarket type.


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